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The Petsis Process

Who should consider the Petsis Process?

  • Clients who at retirement will have $500,000.00+ to invest: Our clients don't consider themselves wealthy, but diligent, having worked carefully to accumulate these dollars over many years.
  • Pre-Retirees (including Young Professionals and Families) Earning $160,000.00+: Clients in this situation typically have the cash flow to plan in areas where our advice provides the most value; insurance, education, debt management, investment, tax and estate planning strategies.
  • Business owners looking for custom solutions:  As business owners ourselves, we are structured to provide valuable solutions in areas such as insurance, succession planning, retirement plan selection, investments as well as tax and estate planning strategies.
  • Families with Special Needs Situations: sporting our own in-house Chartered Special Needs Consultant®, we are uniquely qualified to assist families in planning for a loved one with special needs. Click here to learn more 

Discovery Call and Complimentary Initial Meeting

First, we will schedule a 20 Minute Discovery Call with one of our staff advisors. On that call, we discuss your goals and make sure that we would be a good fit to have a Complimentary Initial Meeting.

Next, you will schedule your Complimentary Initial Meeting, where you will learn about what makes us the 12x The Best of Bucks . We will then send you home with all the information you need to decide (on your own time) whether to engage us and move on to Phase I.

Phase I:
The Planning

After you have decided to work with us, we will together via our online portal input the needed information to create your initial financial plan. Investments, Insurance, Tax strategies, Retirement Income and Estate Planning strategies are some of the areas we may review. After several more meetings, we should have a formal, working, living and breathing financial plan for you and your family.

Phase II:
The Implementation

At this point we know you so well, most clients choose to implement their financial plan with our firm. Using our living financial plan, we are able to hold each other accountable not just in managing a portfolio but to goal based objectives like retirement income, liquidity, educational funding, long term care and efficient estate planning strategies.

Phase III:
The Monitoring

Frequent face to face or digitally interactive meetings are imperative in holding each other accountable to our established goals.

We look to deliver incredible value to our clients by consistently monitoring Estate, Tax, Retirement and Investment goals. Looking at the whole picture sets us apart from other advisory firms.

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