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Our Value

What do I Get For My Fee?

Client Centered
  • Avoiding Icebergs

    Create and maintain diversified portfolio
    Ensure that you have fully funded emergency account
    Have proper insurance coverage for Life, Disability and Home
    Helping with a healthy balance sheet- not biting off more than we can chew (house, car, business)
    Annually review estate plan (e.g. What happens if I get sick and/or die, what happens to my kids?)

  • Paying Less in Taxes

    Having Diversity in your tax situation (Tax Free, Tax Deferred and Taxable) Decide on Roth vs. Pre-Tax contributions
    Annual review of tax return and tax strategies
    Improve tax efficiency of investment portfolio

  • Investing Smart

    Consolidated and simplify investment accounts
    Daily monitoring of portfolio
    Are we on track with our key ratios? (Investment Assets to Gross Pay, Fidelity Rule of 2k, etc) 
    Quarterly analysis of 30,000+ investment options on your behalf

  • Advice you can actually understand!

    Quarterly consolidated performance statements
    Quarterly newsletters & regular client education events
    Quarterly review of key areas (e.g. Taxes, Estate Planning, Education, etc)
    Semi-Annual meetings