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Tax Planning Strategies

Examine your Tax Planning Strategy with Anthony and Alexander Petsis

Our credentialed advisors consider many important areas of tax planning. Whether you are looking to put more money away now, set up a retirement savings plan or set up a Roth Conversion strategy, we have you covered.

Tax Strategy is important in retirement, too. You tax rates can effect your income that you receive from retirement accounts.

We don't do tax returns, but we have relationships with several reliable accountants who would be able to assist you.

We have our Proven Petsis Process to help you plan:

Our Petsis Process will help you in the following Tax Planning areas:

Roth Conversions and BackDoor Roth IRAs

Medicare IRMAA Considerations

Tax Efficient Investments

Charitable Giving Strategies (DAFs, CRTs, etc)

Our Engaging Client Portal Integrates all Aspects of your Financial Life, including Tax Planning:

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