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Links To Popular Investment Company Websites

Major Websites- First click on the link directly; if this does not take you to the site, then copy and paste onto your Internet browser.

Below are links to frequently requested websites:

American Funds -

AXA/Equitable Advisor's -

Federated Funds -


Invesco (formerly Aim Investments) -

Jackson National -

Jackson National Annuity -

John Hancock -

Metlife Investors -

MFS Funds -

Oppenheimer Funds -

Pershing Managed Money - 

Pimco Funds -

Prudential -

Scholar's Edge 529 Plans -

Transamerica Capital -

Transamerica VA -

Wells Real Estate Funds -

eMoney -

Should you experience problems reaching any of the above websites-call Alex @ 215-968-6638 extension 106 for assistance.