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Investment and Portfolio Management

Our goal is to simply minimize risk and optimize returns. Our philosophy is to take risk only if it is worth the reward.

We have 3 differentiators when it comes to Investment Philosophy:

  1. Individual Securities: We believe in using no cost investments as cost can be a major determinant of return. You will often see individual stocks and bonds in our client portfolio, where possible.
  2. Laddering/Cash Flow Matching: many advisors do not have the scale or ability to manage individual fixed income securities. We believe that owning the real bond is important as the poor behavior of others can, in our opinion, effect bond fund returns. We set up your portfolio so that when you need income, a bond is maturing and paying into your account to provide it.
  3. We Avoid the "Hot" Investment: We have seen it too many times- dotcom bubble, real estate, gold...we don't feel many of these asset classes that everyone chases provide value for the normal investor. A diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds matched to your risk level, overtime, tends to outperform these volatile asset classes.

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