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Financial Planning

Customized Financial Planning Services


As a comprehensive financial planning service, Anthony Petsis & Associates, Inc. is committed to helping our clients plan for their long-term financial success. Based in Newtown, PA, for over 35 years, we offer a wide range of customized programs and personalized services, including 401(k) planning, 403(b) planning, college funding, estate planning strategies, financial projections, money purchasing plans, profit sharing plans, retirement planning and projections, and tax planning strategies.

What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a process that allows you to examine your current financial outlook and establish goals for the future. By utilizing this information, we are able to help you develop a detailed plan that outlines the spending and investment habits you will need to adopt in order to reach your desired outcomes.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial planning is a great way to manage your income. Similar to basic budgeting, this process prompts you to identify how your money will be spent. This can help minimize overspending and ensure that all bills, taxes, and other expenditures are fully paid. Monitoring your spending patterns can also increase cash flow, which can free up money for traveling, entertainment, and investments.

Smart financial investments, increased cash flow, and proper insurance coverage also helps to ensure the financial security of your family. Whether you choose to set up a college fund, purchase a million-dollar policy, or invest in real estate, decisions like these can benefit your loved ones, even after your passing. Other financial planning benefits may include improving your financial IQ, building up your savings account, and receiving ongoing advice from your financial advisor.

Financial Planning Steps

Although no two plans are exactly alike, there are several basic steps involved in the financial planning process. We strive to adhere to the CFP® Board’s Financial Planning process, outlined below:

- Establish and define the client-planner relationship: After meeting with us for a preliminary meeting, you will have an of the planning process and how we compensated.

- Gathering client data and goals: We will collect important financial data such as your current assets, investments, cash amounts, and past spending habits. We will most importantly examine your goals and objectives to ensure that your plan is thoughtful and personalized.

- Analyzing and Evaluating your current status: We will compare your financial goals to your current financial reality.

- Developing and Presenting recommendations and alternatives: We will build short- and long-term plans that could help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This could include everything from decreasing credit card debt to building a retirement savings account.

-Implementing the recommendations: We will help you put your plans into effect and outline any conflicts as well as the costs to do so.

-Monitor the recommendations: If you would like to work with us in the long term, we will outline how frequently we would be able to meet to monitor the implementation of your goals and objectives.     

Finances may be intimidating, but with the right financial planning, you could start to feel confident in your financial future. Click on this text to contact Anthony Petsis & Associates, Inc. today or dial (215) 968-6638 to set up your complimentary initial appointment.