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Cost of Advice

Our fees are designed for clients who find our services valuable. If at anytime you feel that fee is not worth the value that we bring, we can immediately cease billing. We can even help you find a new advisor who will be a better fit for you. We care about your financial journey and want you to work with the right person, even it it's not us.

Hourly and Flat Fees

We offer a fee-only, hourly financial planning program. The total price of our plans vary on complexity. Upon meeting with us, you will receive a no-obligation estimate to complete your financial plan. We want you to go home and think about it before implementing.

We also offer flat fee retainers for monitoring and ongoing implementation of a financial plan. These are for clients who do not currently meet our investment minimums, but one day will.


Our fee schedule varies based on complexity and assets under management. In general, our average fee schedule is consistently in line with average or below average fees, as compared with other advisors in the industry. We feel the value you get for those fees, however, is unmatched.

What enhances our fee schedule is the overall client fee. We prefer to use individual stocks and bonds when we can, which drives down the overall portfolio cost and further customizes your portfolio. 

Other Compensation

Some financial products are not well suited, in our opinion, to a fee based arrangement. This includes many insurance products.

You are not required to implement your Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance with us. We are happy to give you fee-only advice on these products.

We disclose this compensation so that you understand any conflicts of interest in your implementing with our firm.

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