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Cost of Advice

Hourly and Flat Fees

Hourly fees range by time spent and staff member. Our average hourly financial plan ranges from $800.00-$3,000.00. We also offer retainers for monitoring and ongoing implementation of a financial plan, which start at $600/year, payable monthly.

This can include review meetings and non-discretionary management of investments held outside of our firm.


Our fee schedule varies based on complexity and assets under management. In general, our average fee schedule for portfolio management:

  • Less than $250,000.00: 1.3%/year
  • Greater than $250,000.00: 1.0%/year
  • Greater than $1,000,000.00: .85%/year
  • Greater than $5,000,000.00: .65%/year

Other Compensation

Some financial products are not suited, in our opinion, to a fee arrangement. This includes many insurance products.

We disclose this compensation so that you understand any conflicts of interest in our recommending a product.

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